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  • Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

    Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

    When you discover that your girlfriend is pregnant, it’s a pivotal moment that requires care and understanding. It’s essential to engage in open and empathetic communication, offering support and being prepared to discuss the potential options and decisions together.

  • Co-Parenting Counseling

    Co-Parenting Counseling

    Co-parenting counseling is a therapeutic process designed to assist separated or divorced parents in fostering a healthy, cooperative environment for raising their children. It aims to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and establish effective co-parenting strategies. By addressing the challenges and emotions associated with co-parenting, counseling can help parents work together more effectively, ultimately benefiting the…

  • Stories Behind Abortion

    Stories Behind Abortion

    This summary encapsulates the exploration of the often-unheard narratives surrounding abortion. It delves into the diverse and deeply personal experience, emotions, and viewpoints that Micki holds when it comes to this sensitive a topic. By sharing these untold stories, it aims to foster understanding, empathy, and open dialogue, offering a more comprehensive perspective on a…

  • How To Connect To The Father Of The Baby

    How To Connect To The Father Of The Baby

    Every pregnancy story is as unique as the individuals who comprise them. When you talk with the father of the baby, it’s an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the individuality of your shared journey. It’s a chance to foster understanding, cooperation, and alignment in preparing for the arrival of your child. Embrace the beauty of…

  • Is Your Daughter Pregnant ?

    Is Your Daughter Pregnant ?

    When faced with the possibility that your daughter may be pregnant, it’s a sensitive and important moment for both of you. This situation requires open communication, empathy, and understanding. To navigate it effectively, it’s crucial to engage in a thoughtful and supportive approach.

  • Pregnancy Quiz

    Pregnancy Quiz

    Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? Whether you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or just want to confirm your pregnancy status, there are two effective options to consider. First, you can take a pregnancy quiz to assess your symptoms and get a preliminary idea about your potential pregnancy. This can provide helpful insights and guide…

  • Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound

    Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound

    Pregnancy Confirmation UltrasoundThe main reason you should get an ultrasound is simply to see how far along you are in your pregnancy. With this safe and accurate procedure you will also be able to detect the fetal heartbeat, determine the baby’s age and approximate due date. One of the most exciting services we offer at…

  • Pregnancy Tests

    Pregnancy Tests

    If you think you may be pregnant your next step should be scheduling a Pregnancy Test from any Help4Her Affiliate Locations.  You do NOT have to go through this process alone. At Help4her we can help you deal with the results, no matter what they are, in a manner that is best for you and…

  • Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

    Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

    Are you noticing changes in your body and wondering if you might be pregnant? It can be an exciting yet confusing time, as many symptoms associated with pregnancy can also have different causes. To help you determine if pregnancy is a possibility, we’ve put together a list of questions.

  • Considering Abortion? Here's the Info You Need

    Considering Abortion? Here's the Info You Need

    Considering Abortion? Here’s the Info You NeedAre you pregnant? Do you think you may be pregnant? If so, you may find yourself wondering what your options are. At this point, you may begin looking for abortion information and wondering who to trust. The decisions you’re facing are stressful enough as it is. You need to…